27 May 2013


Last week I was thrilled to have my first collaboration outfit photoshoot with a street style photographer, Lauren Engel. She is currently studying in Boston, and now is in Hong Kong for her summer holiday, doing a Blogger Collaboration Series. I was so happy with the way the photos turned out they looked amazing. Thank you so much Lauren for giving me a wonderful photoshoot experience.

From the fashion of the 2013 Met Gala and the “The Great Gatsby”, this summer it’s going to be all about glamour. By dressing up in flapper beading, maxi dresses, kimonos and wearing dazzling layers of jewelry. With this fashion influence, it’s going to be the most stylish summer yet. This outfit was massively influenced by the glamorous fashion style of “The Great Gatsby” with a modern twist.

Bird Print Kimono
Wearing kimonos over jeans and a plain shirt is now becoming a massive trend for this summer, as from the influence of old glamorous Hollywood fashion. This stunning bird pattern kimono from Zara, stole my heart. This was my favorite piece of my outfit as it was covered in blue and red pattern flowers and birds. I wore this kimono, as it’s simply perfect to dress up daywear or add a memorable flash of colour for evenings.

The Perfect Little Spring Clutch
At the moment Zara is selling their best neon transparent clutches for this spring/summer season. Transparent clutches are all the range as they are cute and colorful. This Zara transparent blue neon minaudiere clutch is perfect for any occasion. I chose this clutch to go with the colour scheme of my outfit, to match my Bird Print Kimono. Wearing this clutch gave more elegance to my casual yet classy look.

Kissing Lips Pendant
Long necklaces were sophisticated and glamorous in the film of ‘the great gatsby’ and are an essential accessory for this season. I chose to wear a long chain statement necklace with an over sized t-shirts to create a very casual look for this summer season. The red lips pendant brightened up my outfit as it contrasted with the blue colours.

check out Lauren Engel's website : http://www.engelauren.com/

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