28 May 2013


The great gatsby is not only a hung influence on this season’s fashion, but also bright tropical colours and patterns. Zara’s new fashion collection has many fashionable pieces of bright summer colours and tropical patterns. Hong Kong’s summer colours of bright red and orange inspired this outfit.  

Bird printed shorts
This spring/summer is all about tropical bright neon patters. Bright high waited neon shorts are the craze for this summer. They are easy to wear, colorful and can brighten up any day outfit. I love these shorts as they can be paired with any white shirt.

Colored methacrylate clutch box
Transparent clutches are so cute for this season. I chose this bright neon orange clutch as it reminds me of the florescent sunset colours of Hong Kong on a clear summer day. I chose this clutch to match the bright colours of my bird printed shorts.

Gold Bracelet
For accessorize I used a tinted rose gold bracelet to combine the warm colours of the shorts and clutch. I wore very limited accessorize as I wanted to keep this outfit look simple and classic, focusing only on the bright patterned shorts.

Photography by Lauren Engel : http://www.engelauren.com/


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  2. wow such brilliant colors! hope to see u on tickalook.com <3 <3