28 Jun 2013



It seems even in Hong Kong on a cloudy day can seem quite magical. I thought it would be the perfect set to do an outfit photoshoot to show off my special DIY Harry Potter book clutch. It is summer in Hong Kong and yet it is still cloudy, but thank god that I am going to spend my summer vacation in Los Angeles and New Mexico. I wanted to make use of this gloomy weather and capture that mysterious but magical look. I am a bit sad that I ruined my favorite book cover and turned it into a fashion statement, but I love to carry it around. I got this beautiful black lace dress for my birthday present. I love how the lace goes around the waist and covers the back. And yes, I did buy the dress from Zara! I just want to say thanks to my lovely friend, Emily, fashion blogger from Style By Emmy for taking the photos. Tomorrow I am off flying off too L.A therefor I will be doing my summer blog posts there! Good by my lovely Hong Kong! Bon Voyage!

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  1. Pretty dress! The very first Harry Potter book is my favourite too! Have fun in LA and New Mexico!!! xx