14 Jun 2013


My new obsession: Stubbs & Wootton. The evening slipper has been a traditional since 1840s. Today the elegant slipper has received a new twist thanks to Stubbs & Wootton. With extraordinary embroidery details of bright colours and designs. After being popular in the UK, thanks to Stubbs & Wootton they are now well known around the word. Of Stubbs & Woottons 20th anniversary, BLITZ has created a limited edition collaborators collection in Lane Crawford, Hong Kong.

These perfect shoes are designed to be worn with any outfit, its casual yet sophisticated. Its handmade stylish and entertaining embroidery is to die for, crafted by hand to extreme quality. The velvet shoe material feels soft and luxurious it is both comfortable and stylish to wear during the day. There is a bespoke section to make your own pair of designer shoes. Bespoke customers may customize their slip-ons with a lavish range of fabrics, colours and trims. One shoe from Stubbs & Wootton is not enough for me. I am obsessed with its beautiful design and hope to buy one very soon x


  1. Great photos! It's pretty interesting that the classic evening slipper is paired with quirky designs! Guess it keeps them modern and up to date. Thanks for sharing! I missed this event, darn haha!


    1. Thank you for you lovely comment ! I love the shoes they are so cute! xxx