31 Jul 2013


vest inspired by Georgia O'Keefe by Sam Brenner, a fine art and fashion design artist (Facebook page) 

beautiful red flower vest by Rachel Kim 

This blog post is part 2 of my summer of art program at Otis College of Art and Design. In my Fashion Design course I made a DIY vest and clutch bag inspired by Sass and Bide.

“sass & bide is dedicated to the strong, the obscure & the beautiful”

Sass and Bide explores the unique designs of exotic tribal references of sharp contrast monochromatic patters, hot hues and metallic accents. The Autumn/Winter 13 collection “wintergate” has simple white and black embellishments on a range of stunning finale pieces. Sass and Bide took an edgier approach using metallic trimmings cutouts and leather, for a more casual and romantic look.

From the Autumn/Winter 13 collection “wintergate”, I was inspired by their use of non-colors, black and white embellishments and sharp designs that I decided to create a vest to match their “wintergate” collection and to represent the edginess of Hong Kong’s street style.
Sass and Bide is famous for using denim materials layered upon white, black and tribal colour embellishments. To create my vest I chose white denim for the outside of my vest and thin white cotton fabric for the linin. I chose the colour white for the base of my vest, as I wanted to keep the design simple and clean. I then used embroidery of black and silver sequins on the back and front of the vest to give the design a glamorous and romantic look, and also to represent the sharp style of Hong Kong.

In conclusion my vest was inspired by my international background of growing up in Hong Kong, therefore bringing a range of fashion related ideas into this project. This is because fashion in Hong Kong is derived from various different sources since Hong Kong is such an international city. Overall my vest was inspired by the glamour’s life of Hong Kong.

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