26 Jul 2013


My final art piece of the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at night

my charcoal drawing of a wine bottle in class

my still life drawing of children's toys using oil pastels 

colorful origami paper expressing different emotions - by Rachel Kim 

blue flower vase by Sara Thomas (sorry I didn't take a photo of the whole art piece)

city life - by Rafaella Barbosa
Info about her city life photography 

Otis College building

This summer I have spent four weeks taking a summer of art program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. In the Otis College summer program I took Fashion Design as my major, this involved Apparel Construction, Modeling Drawing, and Fashion Illustration. I then took a minor course on Beginners Drawing on how to draw still life using charcoal and oil pastel.

At the Beginners Drawing class I created three final art pieces. Two art pieces included still life drawings of children’s toys using charcoal and oil pastel. For our final piece the class was allowed to produce any art piece that had a meaning. My final piece was a pen drawing of the Hong Kong skyline at night and how the city lights represents the stars. I wanted to show my class how big and beautiful the Hong Kong skyline looks and even on a foggy night the skyline will look like the stars at night.
Overall there were many creative and artistic art pieces that the students made for their final work and if I had the time I would love to share them all. My next blog post will continue on the Otis College summer program and about my fashion design class.

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