18 Nov 2013


THE BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - The iconic Audrey Hepburn-helmed movie is, of course, a fashion classic. To wear a ‘slim cool back dress’ should be worn with a big fake-pearl choker, a long ebony cigarette holder, a jeweled updo and sunglasses. Cat optional.

THE MARILYN -  The classic shot of Marilyn’s dress blowing up over the subway grating in New York City has been classified as the number one dress in iconic celebrity fashion moments.

THE CLASSIC PARTY DRESS - The classic party dress is my absolute favorite dresses of all time. For me, the party dress always gives me the excuse to wear a glitter dress that looks like a cupcake.  

THE KIMONO -   Kimono-inspired dress are attractive and comfortable to wear, and the gorgeous fabrics gives the Kimono to show up on the runway season after season. Anything can be worn in the spirit of the Kimono, through, if you decide to focus less on the traditional garment and more on the artistic expression. With a Kimono frame of mind you can make anything you wear into a similar work of art.

THE JAPANESE FASHION - The Modern Japanese’s Fashion Dress is usually dark-black and gives only the slightest indication of the shape of the body under it. Its own shape is often asymmetrical, and the number of armholes may not actually correspond to the number of arms of the wearer. It may be constructed of space-age textiles or tattered cotton. Issey Miyake’s A-POC (for “a piece of cloth”) line created clothes form long tubes of jersy, in order to minimize material waste.

It is agreeable to already know that the 1920s flapper dress is a symbol of "pure youthful androgyny". The flapper dress was worn with bright colours and heavy embroideries to celebrate a new coming age. To rock a flapper dress accessories include: a cigarette holder, long strand of pearls, bobbed hair, rolled stockings and dark lipstick.

the information on this post was taken from the book "The Hundrend Dresses".

fashion illustrations by style blossom/maddy copied by "the hundred dresses"

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