7 Apr 2016


Hong Kong Inspired - Fashion Collection

All my life I have been inspired by my surroundings. I have enjoyed a culturally rich and diverse education, which has given me the opportunity to pursue my interest in art and textiles. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. A world filled with colour and light. The Chinese Lantern Festival has always been my favourite holiday growing up. I was drawn to the explosion of colours in fireworks, lanterns, neon lights and vibrant flowers which has heavily influenced my final designs.

I have interpreted this cultural experience into several textile fashion prints and samples. The designs were created by a repeated pattern of floral drawings using acetate paper to create different compositions. Ive also included free hand stitch processes to represent flower petals. For my fabric samples, I have used a traditional Chinese sewing technique of fine threading to create delicate pieces. Furthermore I have also layered this with french knots to create a more three-dimensional texture. Overall these final designs are inspired by the rich and vibrant cultural experience of Hong Kong’s Chinese Lantern festival.

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